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We turn your vision into reality.

Analysing and consultation


Together with you, we plan and design your unique and perfect brand identity. Therefore, we analyse in-depth and consult you holistic. In this process will always be a contact person by your side.

Design and architecture


Innovation and creation build the foundation for an individual and emotion-inducing brand identity. Together with a memorable IMA-brand architecture, we activate the emotions of your customers. The experienced and equipoised IMA-team accepts every challenge and develops every design, no matter if it derives from the customer or an agency.



The construction is seen as a central competence of the IMA. Innovative and creative designs are turned into construction plans for the in-house workshop in the construction department.


We produce your brand identity in our in-house workshop for wood, metal and varnish. Therefore, we pay attention to the selection of high-quality materials. Whether carpet, illumination, media illumination, media technology and furnishings. IMA stands for particularly high quality.


To guarantee that all products and materials are reliable, safe and on time at your exhibition location, we run our own vehicle fleet.


Our experienced employees guarantee a frictionless build-up and dismantlement. Here you can sense the IMA precision again.

Storage and exhibit handling

On 9.000 sqm we storage booths, exhibits, products, individual items, photos, sails and graphics until they are needed again. Exhibits will be preprocressed; partly they newly constructed and built. In <s>the</s> special construction, even as sectional and functional model.

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