Responsible use of resources

We continually analyze our business processes according to ecological criteria and then align them accordingly. For example, we do not dispose of the wood of our trade show booths – we repurpose it for other projects.

One of our goal is the continuous improvement of resource efficiency and, by doing so, to actively contribute to the protection of our environment.

Social responsibility

Personal interaction at IMA is characterized by mutual respect and fairness. Our managers are aware of their responsibility towards each individual employee and their role model function, also in conflict situations.

We strictly adhere to labor safety regulations and are constantly striving to improve them. Every employee is aware of his responsibility for the protection of man and environment.Furthermore, we try to recognize and promote the potential of every employee early on

Responsibility for society

We conduct a fair and respectful deal with all customers, suppliers and other business partners and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

We strive to strengthen sustainable social development, especially on a regional level. To this end, we provide training opportunities and we actively support social projects.


We are a member of the Famab network, which holds itself to a high standard of sustainability. To implement this, Famab has developed certifications that contribute to climate protection. IMA International is certified as "Sustainable Company" by the FAMAB. To view the certificate click here.